Synthetic Turf

SCG Fields is a playing field contractor. We have constructed synthetic turf systems for the Cleveland Browns, the Florida Citrus Bowl, the Baltimore Ravens, the Ohio State University, Northwestern University, Temple University, Ohio Northern University and multiple other professional teams, colleges and high schools across the United States of America.

At SCG Fields, we construct dynamic base systems and install synthetic turf for most manufacturers in the industry. As a result, we will be your trusted advisor to help you select a system that meets your expectations and needs.

SCG will work with any turf supplier or manufacturer you select. We inspect and ensure the quality of your chosen turf product at the factory and all the way through final installation.

More than 75 percent of our total projects incorporate base construction and installation of artificial turf. Consider SCG your synthetic turf system authority.

Heating Systems

Hydronic Heating Systems can be used for both Natural and Synthetic Turf. The systems are individually designed for conditions at your playing field with a focus on player safety. Historical factors are studied including air and surface temperatures, wind speeds, shading, and the turf managers goals. Using this information, the field is divided into independent zones so the rootzone and surface temperatures can be uniform in challenging conditions. A heating plant is required to warm a water base mixture to exact temperatures for each zone through communication between sensors in each zone and the system controls. The fluid mixture is then circulated through manifolds to smaller piping underneath the field then returned to the heating plant maintaining a consistent temperature. For Synthetic Turf Systems, heating systems are used to keep the field from freezing and acting as a snow melt system. Natural Turf Systems benefits include the same as the Synthetic plus extending the growing seasons and field usage in the spring and fall, encouraging healthy root growth, expand the options of turf species selection, and improve recovery time after usage.

Aeration Systems

Aeration Systems force fresh oxygen through the drainage system, improving agronomic conditions to your field. Once the drainage system is pressurized, the rootzone is equally pressurized providing oxygen on a consistent basis to the root mass. The system also has reversing valves, which allows moisture to be pulled from the field. This system makes it possible for daily aeration to your playing field, creating the healthiest and most durable playing surface with improved recovery after events.