Synthetic Maintenance

Invest In Expert Maintenance

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We have been responsible for the new construction, renovation, and/or grow in and establishment of many professional, colligate, high school, and municipal fields throughout the years.

Whether you are looking for a pre-season kick start (30 or 60 days), semi-annual, or permanent maintenance program, let the experts at SCG deliver results that will make your organization proud.


Deep cleaning and maintenance program

Extend field life, enhance performance

Stretching, icing, massage – athletes take care to maintain their bodies for peak performance and extend their playing careers. The field on which they play requires the same level of care. Synthetic fields that are improperly cleaned and maintained can have costly problems.

Debris can work it was deep into the infill causing drainage issues. The infill can be compacted leading to a decline in performance and an increase in injuries. To avoid these issues, normal grooming and upkeep are a must. Adding a deep cleaning and turf maintenance program can enhance such efforts by extending the life of your synthetic turf system and ensuring that it continues to perform at its optimal level for the athletes.

Invest in expert maintenance

Managing such a program of your own can be challenging. It requires that you have the available time, properly trained staff and expensive equipment. SCG has the experience, personnel and tools to keep your turf looking and performing at its best.

Deep Cleaning and Grooming

Manufactured specifically for synthetic turf systems, the SCG Deep Cleaner provides a thorough cleaning. First, the infill is processed through an oscillating mesh screen specifically graded to capture lint, leaves, and debris that could impact player’s safety (eg. gravel, bobby pins, etc.). It removes the top portion of the infill layer, and a strong vacuum removes airborne contaminants. Finally, the clean infill is returned to the turf and brushed in.

The SCG Deep Cleaner is also equipped with a nylon powered brush that is specifically designed to agitate and rejuvenate fibers, while redistributing and leveling the top layer of infill. Infill decompaction is available for an additional fee.

Deep cleaning & maintenance program

This program includes:

  • Deep cleaning of infill material and removal of surface debris
  • Power grooming of synthetic turf surface
  • Checking and repairing inlays and seams 
  • Inspect edge attachment; will secure loose areas for an additional fee
  • Checking infill level and condition of the field
  • Safety and field assessment report