Natural Turf

When the highest quality, top performing natural turf systems are required professional and top-tier college teams turn to SCG.

The components beneath the surface to maintain your field’s performance and beauty are key features of our natural turf systems. Some of these include a gravel drainage layer, a rootzone growing medium, irrigation system, and options to both heat and cool your field.

Our natural turf for sport field systems consists of farm-grown sod specific to your environmental conditions. Once deemed suitable for transplant, the product makes its way to your field. Our direct communication with natural turf providers allows us to ensure quality by testing grass tissues and analyzing soil before the product even arrives on site. It is then installed and treated with proper nutrients to promote growth and sustainability.

Heating Systems

Hydronic Heating Systems can be used for both Natural and Synthetic Turf. The systems are individually designed for conditions at your playing field with a focus on player safety. Historical factors are studied including air and surface temperatures, wind speeds, shading, and the turf managers goals. Using this information, the field is divided into independent zones so the rootzone and surface temperatures can be uniform in challenging conditions. A heating plant is required to warm a water base mixture to exact temperatures for each zone through communication between sensors in each zone and the system controls. The fluid mixture is then circulated through manifolds to smaller piping underneath the field then returned to the heating plant maintaining a consistent temperature. For Synthetic Turf Systems, heating systems are used to keep the field from freezing and acting as a snow melt system. Natural Turf Systems benefits include the same as the Synthetic plus extending the growing seasons and field usage in the spring and fall, encouraging healthy root growth, expand the options of turf species selection, and improve recovery time after usage.