As physical as football can be, improving player safety and performance is critical, and SCG Fields is committed to providing industry excellence at every level of the sport. With efforts to enhance the game, our experienced team provides solid natural and artificial playing field systems that are redefining the game of football.

Built for durability and designed to reduce injury, SCG Fields has its qualified construction crews skilled in the installation or construction of high school, NCAA, and NFL playing fields. Our efforts support the health and safety of athletes, which is why we use only the best turf products and most qualified construction crews – our own.


Year after year fans pack ballparks across the country to enjoy one of America’s greatest past times. SCG Fields strives to deliver spectacular natural turf and synthetic turf baseball fields. We are proud to be a part of history through the approval of baseball and softballs elite, to watch as some of the greatest athletes set foot on fields that we have built.

SCG Fields can cater your field to the sports finest standards and team needs. Combined with the latest technology and our own experienced constructions crews, we can provide players with the best surfaces available for their field of dreams.


Soccer is not only the most played sport in the world but also one of the most popular. In soccer, a flat surface is required to maximize the natural movement of the ball. Inconsistent playing surfaces, the unpredictability of natural grass terrain, and worn-out or useless artificial turf fibers are all severe problems. All of the above elements have a negative impact on ball roll and player maneuvers, and consequently, on the game from both player and spectator perspectives.

Whether it is an artificial indoor or natural outdoor field that best meets your needs, SCG Fields produces world-class playing surfaces to maximize player performance and fan experience.


Today, lacrosse is considered the fastest growing team sport in the United States. The explosive growth over the past several decades has seen an increase in participation, which has occurred at every level of competition. Quick catches, carries, passes, and goals assisted by superior field construction and resilient turf are part of the reason this sport has been dubbed “the fastest game on two feet.”

From sub-base construction through installation, SCG Fields meticulous attention to detail and performance ensure your players have a long-lasting, premium field ready-for-play game after game.

Field Hockey

Smoothness, stability, durability, non-infilled synthetic turf, water retention, and quick surface drainage are the characteristics of a championship-caliber field hockey pitch. SCG Fields is committed to incorporating all of these characteristics to provide fastball roll, precise ball control, safe footing, and minimal rain delays.

Since 2004, 36 NCAA Division I field hockey programs have constructed new pitches. More than 60% of these programs chose to trust in SCG’s expertise. More than a quarter of all 80 NCAA Division I field hockey programs are on the SCG client roster. In addition to a first-class field, SCG Fields provides value-added services including annual inspections and testing for FIH standards.