Shaw High New Stadium

The entire construction phases in pictures

SCG Fields transformed an underutilized site into a new stadium, complete with lights, bleachers, fencing, driveway, parking lot, ticket booth, and natural grass practice field. The detention systems, (yellow drainage tubes shown on the left), help protect the field against flooding.

On Sept 21, 2021, the Browns celebrated the completion of Shaw High, 10th high-quality synthetic turf field. One final ceremony took place with Browns personnel, Newsome and fullback Johnny Stanton all in attendance with school staff members. Dr. Henry Pettiegrew, Superintendent of the East Cleveland School District, and Ohio state senator Kenny Yuko were also present and spoke about their excitement of the restoration.

“We’re not just going to play here,” Pettiegrew said. “We’re going to use this field to access our future. We will make you proud on this field, and we will have fun on this field.”

Greg Newsome II stepped up to the podium at the 50-yard line at Shaw Stadium and surveyed the new turf field beneath, new bleachers in front of him and an ecstatic team of Shaw High School football players behind him.

“To have a field like this and an opportunity to play more than one sport on this field is going to be amazing,” Newsome said as the football team, cheerleading team, band members and other students and Shaw staff listened. “Have fun and enjoy it. High school goes by so fast. You guys won’t be able to be on this field for too long. Just enjoy every single moment you have with each other.”