22 Mar


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SCGfields, LLC will guarantee their work with their signature 8 x 8 insured warranty, that warrants the sub base as well as your turf system for a full 8 years. Most warranties only cover the base for one year and the synthetic turf for eight years. We understand that the sub base is the foundation of the field, and that it must work properly for the long-term performance and last several years through several turf installations.

When issues with synthetic turf arise, it is often due as a result of poor base construction, and not the turf itself.  That is why we go above our competitors to insure our sub base just as long as the turf.

The 8×8 Insured Warranty protects your entire field system for 8 years. There is no
deductible associated with the warranty, and coverage begins from the time the SCGfields construction contract is complete. The policy does not need to be renewed,
and cannot be cancelled.

  • 8 year turf warranty
  • 8 year base warranty
  • Third party insured
  • Cannot be canceled
  • No deductible

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