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Soccer Artificial Turf and Field Installation

Soccer is not only the most played sport in the world, but also the most popular. Played by millions of people worldwide, players range from all ages, backgrounds, and skill level.

In soccer, a flat surface is required to maximize the movement of the ball and the plays of the game. Inconsistent playing surfaces, the wear that impacts the field over time, the unpredictability of natural grass terrain, and worn-out, flat and useless artificial turf fibers are all serious problems. All of these can have a negative effect on ball roll and player maneuvers, both of which can have a negative impact on the game from both player and spectator perspectives.

Whether it is an artificial indoor, or natural outdoor field that best meets your organization’s needs, SCGfields produces world class playing surfaces to maximize player performance and fan experience.



Our Soccer Fields

Aurora High School Football Field
New Field Hockey Pitch
Kenston High School Football Field