SCG Fields


Construction Services

Design. Build. Install. And everything in between. SCGfields offers a full range of sports field construction services that can be customized to best meet your team’s needs and budget.

Our philosophy is simple: on time delivery of 1st class athletic fields with utmost customer satisfaction.

From football to soccer and baseball to lacrosse, athletic teams at all levels rely on SCG to perform a wide range of field services. Whether your team needs a facility construction overhaul, new field installation, artificial or natural turf replacement, irrigation system enhancement, or anything in between, SCGfields is dedicated to giving your team a praise-worthy facility. Count on SCGfields for all of your team’s sports field design, build or installation needs.

  • Excellent service
  • Superior products
  • Attention to detail
  • Paramount performance
  • Maximum satisfaction

When you work with us, expect nothing less. Plus, we stand behind our work with our unparalleled 8×8 Insured Warranty. It covers the entire field system — sub base and synthetic turf — for eight years.


SCGfields offers not only a full range of construction building and installation services, but also has an in-house design team that will work with you to help create the field you desire. The SCGfields team’s in-house design professionals will evaluate your current field situation through usage analysis, surveys, photos and soil samples. Results of this evaluation, along with your requests and expectations will strategically be integrated into the field design.

We also have relationships with architectural and engineering firms, if this is the design route you prefer. Because of our many years of sports field construction experience, we can partner seamlessly with them to bring their designs to life. We have a lineup of long-time, trusted design contracting partners. We turn to them, as needed, to help us create the design for your field. We are selective in only choosing design partners that we know will work efficiently to create a high-quality facility that works best for your team.


A high-performing field is only as strong as its foundation. From the ground up, we provide a high-end system to ensure your field’s performance, durability, quick drainage and safety.

The build phase begins with material selection that is customized to your field’s level of use and exposure to the elements. We then excavate the field and begin the base work. This includes shaping the compacted subgrade; placing the field liner and installing systems for drainage and irrigation; constructing the stone base; and precision laser grading that is exact to within 0.25” in 10 feet, either direction.

SCGfields will guarantee their work with their signature 8 x 8 insured warranty, that warrants the sub base as well as your turf system for a full 8 years.


Your field is your canvas. We give our clients creative license to create their field, and the luxury to sit back and watch as it takes shape. During our installation process you will really begin to see your field as you have designed it.

Our expert crews will skillfully begin the process by installing a premium synthetic turf system over your base system. Logos and lettering can be pre-fabricated to customize your field design.

If it’s a natural grass system you’re after, we top off subgrade with a gravel drainage layer and a rootzone mix, followed by natural grass sod appropriate for your climate.

We also specialize in construction of other specific field features including field warming systems, drainage systems enhanced with Subair technology, air-injection tarp inflation and warning track systems for baseball fields, as well as porous asphalt or e-layer surfaces for field hockey fields.